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Asia Leadership Consulting Group

Leading Performance Management

Leading Regional Network of Management Consultants, Global Expertise with Local Perspectives

Our Mission
Asia Leadership Group develop leaders to translate strategies into action plans and transforms organization strategies through effective talent development

Why are we different ?

  1. Multifacet - SCS multifaceted consulting firm with strong expertise in crafting and implementing diversity and inclusion solutions. We work closely with private sector firms, government and quasi-government agencies to design, test, and implement inclusion strategies. Check Our Success Stories
  2. Local Expertise International Exposure- Supported by over 40 consultants, coaches and trainers region-wide with associated companies in The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei. Click Here for our Principals
  3. Customised Intervention - SCS is a boutique consulting company that focus on developing a customised intervention. More Info on our intervention
  4. Professional Affiliation - SCS is affiliated with the Malaysian Association of Certified Business Consultants, ensuring quality service delivery. More Info on ACBC

SCS Core Competencies

Creating A High Performance Team

Our program are inspired by the work of Dr Meredith Belbin on his research on team roles. It is a proven intervention adopted by top organizations and MNCs. 

The program is supported by Dr Bruce Tuckman's Team Development model.

'Team of specialist would always beat a team of all rounders'

Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The intervention prepares the organization to understand the process of KPI development, also enable them to appreciate the objectives of KPIs in managing performance and as a tool for corporate performance management.

'What get measured get done'


Competency Framework Development

Developing a competency framework is a long term commitment and a real challenge that needs to be endorsed from the top down and driven forward by the HR function. 

'Competency Focus Talent Management'



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