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eCornell Digital Learning

High Quality Accrediated Digital Learning

eCornell, the eLearning arm of the prestigious Cornell University of Ithaca, New York offers more than 230 courses covering a wide range of competency domains in the following areas:

*Technology   *Leadership    *Hospitality *Data Science *Marketing  *Healthcare
*Project Management *Human Resources *Real Estate *Engineering
*Finance & Business *Nutrition

The eCornell collaborative eLearning platform provides each learner with an individual instructor and connects them to their fellow learners from around the world. This environment is better described as “Small Private Online Courses (SPOC)” as opposed to the more common “Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC)”.

Join more than 130,000 learners from more than 2,500 companies across 180 countries on the eCornell programme.

Enrol with us to enjoy attractive discount and packages and get SBL approval from HRDF for some of the course. 


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