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Organizational Development Consulting 

Strategic Planning

Strategic Management is the process of aligning the internal capability of an organization with the external demands of the environment.

Strategic management is needed to allocate human and material resources effectively. The strategic management process allows for the formulation and implementation of strategies to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.

- Strategic Planning
- Management Retreats
- Organizational  Analysis

Strategy Translation

The organization might have been through an extensive Strategic Planning process in order to determine its future direction.

The next stage of a Strategic Management process is to ensure that all Subsidiaries, Divisions and Business Units within the organisation have their goals, objectives and action plans aligned with the organisational strategic goals, objectives and action plans.

This is when Organization formulates and finalizes their Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Operational Targets for the year.

- Balanced Scorecard
- KRA & KPI Workshop
- Management Control

Leadership Development

The key to the success of an organization is the quality of its leaders and the management team.

A manager needs to develop a wider business perspective in order to progress within an organization.

A leader needs to be more ‘strategically aware’ in order to manage both the ‘big picture’ and the day-to-day demands of their business unit or the business itself.

This series of programmes allows a manager to develop him or herself through from frontline manager to chief executive.

- Strategic Leadership
- VUCA Leadership
- Situational Leadership
- Coaching & Mentoring

 *Leading * Performance Management

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